Backgammon playing field in beige with points in black and green, AN 0066 /

"Casa de Gamao" or The House of Backgammon in English, is the professional backgammon manufacturer from Brazil whose backgammon boards give you the highest pleasure to play on, probably the most popular backgammon boards in Scandinavia.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 580 x 400 x 70 mm (closed)
Total weight of the product 5.2 kg
Form / Design / Material XXL Briefcase design in black leatherette with combination locks.
Size of the board open 580 x 800 x 35 mm (each playing field 530 x 300 mm)
Backgammon playing field Playing field of billiard durable felt in beige with points in black and green
Game pieces Backgammon pieces in pearl design in green and white 50 x 10 mm
Dice 2 pair of standard dice in black and white, and 1 doubling cube 30 mm in ivory
Dice Cups A pair of round dice cups in black wiht felt inside
Storage Custom-made stone holder for stones, dice cups, cube and dice
Packaging Casa de Gamao original transport-safe packaging
Guarantee 10 years manufacturer warranty
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Backgammon board XXL Popular Beige 50 mm Stones

  • 9,750 SEK

  • Ex Tax: 7,800 SEK

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