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This Chess Starter Box includes a double folded chess board, high quality weighted Plastic Chess Pieces with King height 86 mm, the famous Chess Trainer CD in 6 languages and a Pocket Timer chess clock. The chess board is made from laminated cardboard and has square size 50 x 50 mm.

See "Specification" for product details.

Outer measure 235 x 230 x 78 mm
Total weight of the product 1.4 kg
Form / Design / Material Chess set DGT start box Red, chessboard, chessmen, chess clock and trainer CD.
Size of the chess board 500 x 500 mm field size 50 mm
Chessmen design / material Staunton design weighted plastic pieces in black and white, felt base. King height 86 mm.
Packaging DGT original gift box
Guarantee 3 years manufacturer warranty
Game Rules German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian languages.
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Chess Set DGT Starter Red Box

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