• Backgammon Board Festival XL Dal Negro in Beige Jacquard fabric

Backgammon playing field of leatherette in light yellow with points in dark gray and brown, AN 804558 /

Dal Negro is a two hundred year old manufacturer of playing cards and traditional games such as backgammon and chess. Probably the first thing that began with luxury backgammon manufacturing in mass production. Each backgammon board are quality-controlled, and is just as beautiful and luxurious, the precision work in every detail, and with the well-known Italian finish. Dal Negro backgammon boards are both luxurius and affordable.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 590 x 372 x 82 mm (closed)
Total weight of the product 5.0 kg
Form / Design / Material XL backgammon board made of grained Jacquard fabric with handle
Size of the board open 590 x 746 x 41 mm
Backgammon playing field Playing field of leatherette in light gellow with inlays in dark green and brown
Game pieces Backgammon pieces in pearl design in green and brown, diam 44 mm
Dice 2 pair of standard dice in white, and 1 doubling cube 22 mm
Dice Cups A pair of round dice cups in beige
Packaging Dal Negro original transport-safe packaging
Guarantee 5 years manufacturer warranty
Game Rules Rules in English
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Backgammon Board Festival XL Dal Negro in Jacquard fabric

  • Brand: Dal Negro
  • Product Code: 804558
  • Availability: 6 months delivery time
  • 6,600 SEK

  • Ex Tax: 5,280 SEK

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