Playing field in black with points in red and beige, AN 4105 CR /

Probably is Renzo Romagnoli one of the best backgammon manufacturer in the world, the supplier to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Everything is of the highest possible guality and every little detail is thought out and has a reason, to make the perfect backgammon board. The briefcase is made of genuine leather with double handle for smooth grip and bearing. Inside is the playing field also of genuine leather with inlays carved by digital precision blades for perfect fit on the playing field which allows the stones to slide smoothly on the perfectly smooth playing field. It's not only beautiful, it's perfect in all respects and amazingly nice to play whether you choose L or extra XL size.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 510 x 320 x 85 mm (closed)
Total weight of the product 3.9 kg
Form / Design / Material Large backgammon board made of genuine leather in Red with double handle
Size of the board open 510 x 640 x 43 mm
Backgammon playing field Playing field of smooth leather in black with inlays in red and beige
Game pieces Backgammon pieces in pearl design in red and light yellow, diam 40 mm
Dice 2 pair of standard dice in white, and 1 doubling cube in white with black numbers
Dice Cups A pair of round dice cups made of genuine leather in Red
Packaging Renzo Romangoli original transport-safe packaging and gift box
Guarantee 10 years manufacturer warranty
Game Rules Rules in English and Italian
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Backgammon Set Elegant L Genuine Leather in Red

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  • Ex Tax: 10,120 SEK

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